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New TV channel targets 4-legged audience members

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Launching just recently, a new channel on DirecTV, but it's not for you or your kids, it has a different target audience in mind.

If your dog is like Nick, it's easy to figure out.  That at least some dogs can "see" what's on television.

First of all, Nick is not too bright and he doesn't really like what he sees on TV.

Maybe he should be watching Dog TV instead.  It's target audience is crazy dogs like Nick.

"It's very exciting."

Ron Levi is the founder of Dog TV and we spoke to him by phone -- he was home in Israel.

"The feedback we are getting is basically from the dogs," he said.

Levi says everything seen on Dog TV was the product of years of research.  It's designed to help your dog relax when you leave the house.

"We have created something that's the perfect babysitter for dogs 24-7 to make them feel better when they are home alone."

Soothing images and sounds are a programming staple, but so is stimulating action -- all of it shot from a dog's point of view.

"Leave the TV on for your dog when you are not at home so they feel better without as much stress," said Levi.

But dogs don't see the same way we do.  In a promotional video clip from Dog TV, what dogs normally see was on the left side of the screen -- some colors are missing, but not all.  What the dogs see on the right side of the screen was a picture after it was enhanced just for them.

"We wanted to create the best channel for dogs," said Levi.

But can dogs really see what's on your TV?

"Dogs don't have as good a vision as we do as humans," said Dr. Penelope Wooff, a veterinary ophthalmologist.

And in case you're wondering, that is her real name.

"It's a name I had married into," she said.

She specializes in eye care for all kinds of animals, including dogs.

Dr. Wooff says dogs can see what's on TV.

"I think they are definitely seeing motion and shades of that color as well."

And the bigger the picture, the better.

"Bigger pictures on the TV might come out more clearly to them, but they definitely see the motion."

And even though dogs are more sensitive to light, she doesn't see a problem with them watching TV.

"I think it's worth a shot.  It's not a harm except for your electricity bill."

14-year-old Samantha Culp from Mesa e-mailed us about her dog Roxie.

Because Roxie likes to watch TV too with Samantha and her brother Christian -- but not just any program.

"She likes Andrea and Rick and everyone on FOX 10."

That's right, Roxie and Samantha watch FOX 10 Arizona Morning.

"When I turned it to the other channels, she would kind of watch it, but she wouldn't seemed as engaged with it I guess," said Samantha.

The "Cool House" segment is Roxie's favorite.

In the meantime, Nick is still watching -- always watching -- a bit more calmly sometimes.

Because for some dogs, like Nick, even Dog TV is bad TV.

Dog TV on DirecTV is free for another week.  After August 14, it will cost $4.99 per month.  If you don't have DirecTV, you can still get Dog TV online.



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