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The warning signs your trees could be headed for a fall

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All the rain and wind has left a lot of toppled trees along roads, driveways, homes, cars and more. Scenes like this are not an uncommon sight in parts of North Georgia after the last week of heavy rains and pounding winds.

Planning ahead could save your home and wallet quite a bit of tree-related destruction. One way to do this is to know the signs that could warn you of which of your trees is next to fall.

Certified arborist and owner of Don's Tree Service, Doni Jones, say there are three things you can look for now to save you trouble later. And, remember a green tree isn't always a healthy tree.

Doni said, "A lot of people go, oh man, my trees, they look great. They're beautiful, but structurally there could be problems."

For example, look for what they call tip die-back. If you look at the tips of limbs, you'll see there are no leaves on some of the limbs. That's an indication that the tree is in decline.

And, mistletoe is not just a way to get kisses at Christmas. When you see mistletoe around or on your tree, it can mean the kiss of death.

Now, if it's just a little bit, it might just be one particular limb. But, if you look at the crown of a tree and it's got 25 to 30 percent of the canopy is covered in mistletoe, that's a problem.

And the third indication your tree is rotting – mushrooms. These can destroy a tree's internal structure and cause decay. This can only mean one thing in the right rain or wind storm.

"It could be a really bad storm that comes through, that could be the breaking point," Doni said.

Tree companies are being inundated with calls for service because of the recent hard rains. They can really only respond immediately to emergency situations. Still, play it safe and try not to take care of removing a tree yourself. Doni says a good gauge to determine if you can complete that kind of job yourself is if you need a ladder to do it. If you do, then call in a trained professional.

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