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Viewer questions answered by Pike Nurseries

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We've received plenty of questions from our viewers when it comes to gardening and some of the problems they encounter! Here are some answers from Pike Nurseries.

Question 1
I have a rose bush near my front door that grows extremely fast and the thorns snag people as they walk by. No matter how often I trim it, it remains a problem. How can I better control it, or what type of plant would be better to put there instead?

Answer 1

Unfortunately, the only way to keep your rose bush in bounds is with persistent pruning.  Consider replacing it with a thornless rose bush.  There are several David Austin rose varieties that do not have thorns.  If you want to get away from roses altogether, you might try a Dwarf Nandina.  These compact shrubs don't bloom but they have colorful foliage year-round.  Dwarf Loropetalum is also a colorful plant.  It has green to purple foliage and small, deep pink blooms periodically.   

Question 2
Can I plant bulbs in pots to bloom in the summer. How do I take care of them?

Answer 2
Yes, there are several summer blooming bulbs that work well when planted in containers.  Lily bulbs are especially easy to grow and they come in a variety of colors and sizes.  For best results, the container needs to be in a sunny area that receives 6 to 8 hours of sunlight per day.  Plant the bulbs in fertile, well-draining soil.  Keep the soil moist, but never soggy.  Soil that is too wet can rot the bulbs.  

Question 3
When it the best time to trans a palm tree??

Answer 3
Palms in containers indoors can be transplanted at any time.  Make sure that the new container is about two inches larger in diameter than the old container.  

It is best to transplant palms in containers outdoors or palms planted in the ground during the spring or early summer.

Question 4
I have 2 Amaryllus', I recently moved and dug them out of the ground and put them in pots. Last year, I kept them in the dark and brought them out in the spring, the bloomed early summer. This year, I brouth them inside and kept them near windows and they have already bloomed. Is there any way to get them to bloom again this summer?

Answer 4
Probably not.  Bulbs rarely bloom twice in one year.  After a bulb has bloomed, it needs time to recharge and produce food for the next blooming period.  Bulbs and bulb-like plants (corms, tubers, rhizomes and tuberous roots) are efficient, mini flower factories.  Inside each bulb is an embryonic flower with everything the plant will need to bloom and thrive.  All in all, quite a remarkable little storage unit!       

Cut back the stem of the Amaryllis to about 3 to 5 inches above soil level, but don't cut off the leaves.  Place the container in a sunny window or weather permitting, outdoors in a sunny spot.  The plant stores food for the bulb through photosynthesis.

As summer ends, you may notice the leaves yellowing or withering. At this time, bring the plant back indoors and cut off the dead leaves at the top of the bulb's neck. Let any live leaves remain. Keep the bulb in its pot until it is time to put it in the dark again. 

If you have a question for the experts from Pike Nurseries the Good Day Atlanta crew at Include your name, your city, your question, and a picture if you can. We may use your question on a future segment.

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