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Spike in mumps cases reported across Illinois


Public health officials are investigating a sharp increase in the number of mumps cases recorded in central Illinois. More>>

Beating the stress out of your everyday lives

Stress is something that can affect anyone and it can have devastating effects if it's not treated. Dr. Ashley Solomon talks about how stress can affect our everyday lives. More>>

Dr. Royal discusses risks of micro-chipping pets

Chicago's top vet, Dr. Royal, spoke with FOX 32 about the possible risks of micro-chipping your pet and offers tips to keep them safe. More>>

Dr. Mona: Preeclampsia

Dr. Mona visited FOX 32 News to talk about how pregnant women can prevent developing the condition preeclampsia. More>>

Ask Dr. Mona: Vaccine preventable diseases

In Wednesday's House Call, Dr. Mona explains why some vaccine preventable diseases are making a comeback. More>>

Nicole Kasal: 5 essential ingredients for an effective juice cleanse

Juice cleanses are all the rage right now. The Cleanse Culture founder Nicole Kasal shared a few essential ingredients for an effective cleanse. More>>

Christen Michel: Prepping your skin for bridal season at home

We want to look our best for a party, especially for a wedding day. Christen Michel stopped by to show us a few things we can do at home. More>>

Relationship expert Bela Gandhi: Biggest early dating mistakes

When you start dating someone, the first few dates can be a little daunting. Smart Dating Academy founder Bela Gandhi shares the biggest mistakes to avoid in the early stages of a new relationship.   More>>

Dr. Mona House Call: Rescue pen can save people from drug overdoses

The FDA has approved a rescue pen that can save the lives of people who may die from certain drug overdoses. Dr. Mona Khanna explained how it works on Monday's House Call. More>>

Dr. Mona House Call: New findings about mammograms

A Harvard Medical School researcher says a large number of tumors that are found by mammograms would never be life-threatening. But they are harmful because they result in unnecessary treatment. More>>

Surprise 'Wedding' Lets Dying Father Walk Daughter Down Aisle

© Lindsey Villatoro at © Lindsey Villatoro at

A noble photographer refused to let a father's pancreatic cancer prevent him from walking his youngest daughter down the aisle. More>>

CDC: Autism rates now 1 in 68 U.S. children

The Centers for Disease Control estimates 1 in 68 children have an autism disorder. A new report pinpoints a possible cause that seems to develop in pregnancy. FOX 32 medical contributor Dr. Mona Khanna has more. More>>

New test may help detect colon cancer: Dr. Mona

If you've put off colon cancer screening because you can't stand the thought of having a colonoscopy, listen up. The FDA is reviewing a blood stool test to detect colon cancer. More>>

Adding healthy ingredients into everyday meals

Making meals for your family that everyone likes and are healthy can be challenging. Lara Field, pediatric dietitian and founder of FEED, shows us how to sneak healthier ingredients into everyday meals. More>>

The science behind terrorism response in Israel - Part 2

FOX 32 medical contributor Dr. Mona Khanna with a behind the scenes look at how medical response is handled in Israel, a country that lives under a threat of terrorism everyday. More>>

Andrea Metcalf shares the best things to bring to the gym

So when you head to the gym, what do you put in your bag? Do you have the right stuff? Lifestyle expert Andrea Metcalf of Womensforum shared the best things to bring. More>>

Dr. Julius Few shares simple solutions for healthy skin as we age

While there's no magic pill that can keep us young, there are some smart things we can do to help keep our skin healthy as we age. The Few Institute founder Dr. Julius Few shares simple solutions. More>>

Cut the calories, not your favorite foods

Women's Forum Lifestyle expert Andrea Metcalf has some simple ideas on how you can make a few changes that will save on calories but not on taste. More>>

Study finds new gender gap in Alzheimer's Disease

A new report shows women 60 and older have a 1-in-6 chance of developing Alzheimer's, almost twice as much as men. Dr. Mona has information on how you can determine your risk of getting Alzheimer's. More>>

FEED founder, RD Lara Field: How dietary facts affect heart disease

March is National Nutrition month, a good time to examine your diet and make sure you're adding the right fats to your meals. FEED founder and RD Lara Field explains the effects dietary fats have on heart disease. More>>

Live to Wynn`s Maisha Wynn: Motivate the whole family to stay active

One of the keys to a healthy lifestyle is making sure you get plenty of exercise. Live to Wynn founder Maisha Wynn has some great advice on how to motivate the entire family to stay active! More>>

Spice it up for National Nutrition Month: FEED founder, RD Lara Field

March is National Nutrition Month, a good time to tackle diet issues and recommit to a healthy lifestyle with nutritious foods and fresh ingredients. FEED founder and registered dietitian Lara Field explains how. More>>

Illinois residents must buy health insurance by March 31

Illinois residents have until March 31 to sign up for comprehensive health coverage under the Affordable Care Act or they will face a penalty. Illinois Department of Public Health director Dr. Lamar Hasbrouck explains. More>>

Maisha Wynn offers practical, inspirational guidance toward a better life

Lifestyle specialist Maisha Wynn wants to inspire change, ignite change and initiate change. Wynn shared practical and inspirational guidance for people who want to improve the quality of their lives. More>>

Camp Kesem empowers children with parents impacted by cancer

Camp Kesem is a place where children can be with others who understand the challenges, fears and emotions they are experiencing. CEO Jane Saccaro explains how the camp began and you can help out! More>>

Misao Okawa to celebrate 116th birthday, reveals secret to long life


Misao Okawa will celebrate her 116th birthday on Wednesday, making her the oldest woman in the world. She was born in Japan in 1898, during the Spanish American War. More>>

`Reboot` diet's Joe Cross shares his secrets

Joe Cross is the producer and star of the hit film "Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead" and he's just written a new book "The Reboot with Joe Juice Diet" and he's here to share his secrets. More>>

Living under threat of daily terrorist attacks

The recent suicide bombings in Russia are a stark reminder that terrorism is still very much alive. Dr. Mona Khanna traveled to Israel, to see what it's like living under a cloud of fear. More>>

Detecting oral cancer: Dr. Sam Weisz

The Chicago Dental Society is holding its winter meetings in Chicago and they have some important new information about oral cancer. Chicago dentist Dr. Sam Weisz discusses it. More>>

Racial differences in medical treatment: Dr. William Ashley

Dr. William Ashley from the Loyola University Medical Center joined FOX 32 News at Noon to talk about some of the interesting racial disparities in medicine. More>>

Dr. Mona House Call: 2013: A year in health

Elected officials and celebrities gave way to many of 2013's biggest health stories. More>>

New problems loom for those enrolling for health insurance

The final deadline for signing up for insurance under the Affordable Care Act is approaching and there are new problems looming. Michael Mahoney of joined FOX 32 News at Noon to talk about them. More>>

Dr. Mona Blog: Xavier University Tobacco Summit - Say TobacNo!


Six Surgeon Generals at the Tobacco Summit, all in the same room at the same time for the same cause. More>>

Spice up your vegan diet with tips from Chef Tsadakeeyah Emmanuel

If you are looking for a way to spice up your vegan diet but don't have the skills, Chef Tsadakeeyah Emmanuel has the answer! The African inspired vegan caterer shared some tasty ideas. More>>

Dr. Mona House Call: Study says routine checkups may make kids sick

On Monday's House Call, Dr. Mona Khanna addressed a new report that says taking your kids to the doctor for a routine checkup may be exposing them to things that can make them sick. More>>

Healthcare a big dating turn on: CareerBuilder Healthcare

Today is Valentine's Day and love is in the air and that includes love in the workplace. Jason Lovelace, President of CareerBuilder Health Care to talk about dating in the workplace. More>>

Study disputes value of routine mammograms Video included


A Canadian study that many experts say has major flaws has revived debate about the value of mammograms. More>>

Lone Survivor Foundation helps wounded service members get back into society

If you have seen the movie "Lone Survivor" you might be familiar with the work of Lone Survivor Foundation board member Mike Winters. The organization helps wounded service members get back into society. More>>

Dr. Mona House Call: The value of mammograms

On Wednesday's House Call, Dr. Mona Khanna addressed a new study's findings that say mammograms don't reduce deaths from breast cancer and question the annual practice.   More>>

Graco recalling nearly 3.8M child car seats


Graco is recalling nearly 3.8 million car safety seats because children can get trapped by buckles that may not unlatch. More>>

Best grocery tips for people with diabetes: Molly Bray, Erica Bennett

Dealing with diabetes can be difficult. Making sure you buy healthy foods is at the top of the list of problems diabetics face. Dietitian Molly Bray and wellness pharmacist Erica Bennett explain how. More>>

Expert advice on dealing with rats from Terminix`s Andrew Callaghan

The cold weather has not only been tough on people, but for rats as well. It's harder for them to find places to eat. Andrew Callaghan of Terminix explains what you need to do if you find them in your home. More>>

Dr. Mona House Call: Stroke risk factors, treatment for related symptoms

On Monday's House Call, Dr. Mona Khanna addressed former Chicago Mayor Richard M. Daley's illness, risk factors and treatment for stroke-like symptoms and what can cause slurred words. More>>

Get back on the wagon with diet, lifestyle tips from RD Lara Field

Some of us have fallen off the diet bandwagon since making those New Year's resolutions. Registered Dietician Lara Field helped get us back on track with new diets and lifestyle tips. More>>

New treatment could reduce kids` peanut allergies


An experimental therapy that fed children with peanut allergies small amounts of peanut flour has helped more than 80 percent of them safely eat a handful of the previously worrisome nuts. More>>

Dr. Mona Khanna shares best ways to feel better this winter

Are you sick of winter? You are not alone. It seems like we've been dealing with large amounts of snow or frigid conditions ever since winter started. More>>

Researchers caution lung cancer patients against anti-oxidants


A small study from Sweden has found that the anti-oxidants vitamin e and acetylcysteine speed up the progression of lung cancer in mice. More>>

Dr. Mona House Call: Debunking health myths about cold weather

On Wednesday's House Call, Dr. Mona Khanna debunked age-old cold weather myths about what makes us get sick and what we should do to get better again. More>>

Royal Caribbean ends cruise early after passengers, crew fall ill


The Royal Caribbean cruise line on Sunday ended a ship's 10-day trip in the Caribbean early after hundreds of passengers and crew members were sickened with a gastrointestinal illness. More>>

Dr. Mona House Call: All about cruise ship illness

On Monday's House Call, Dr. Mona Khanna addressed cruise ship illnesses. More>>

Most stressful jobs of 2014: Is yours on the list?


CareerCast released a list of the ten most stressful jobs of 2014, as well as the least stressful. Does your job appear on either list? Is it time to make a career change? More>>

Looking for someone to love? Claire Wexler of Selective Search says get out there!

The countdown is on to Valentine's Day. If you are looking for someone to love, time is running out. Claire Wexler of Selective Search shares great ways to meet new people. More>>

Dr. Mona House Call: Strength training is essential to weight loss

In the quest to lose weight, people tend to focus on aerobic exercises, like running. On Wednesday's House Call, Dr. Mona explained why strength training is essential to weight loss and shouldn't be forgotten. More>>

How to read your hospital bill: Sarah O`Leary of Exhale Health

The new year brings many changes to health care in America. Sarah O'Leary of Exhale Health explained what you need to know about your hospital bill to save time and money. More>>

Dr. Mona House Call: Are diet supplements a good idea?

On Monday's House Call, Dr. Mona Khanna addressed diet supplements, as the public continues to work on their New Year's resolutions regarding weight loss and healthier lifestyles. More>>

Chicagoans make fitness a main goal in 2014 Video included


It happens every January. People make New Year's resolutions to "get fit," and flow into the gym to fulfill them. More>>

Do`s and don`ts of gym etiquette: Retro Fitness` Mike Urti

Many people are hitting the gym to carry out their New Year's resolutions. Retro Fitness consultant and trainer Mike Urti explains more about workout etiquette, now that gyms are packed again. More>>

Merck recalls top-selling cholesterol drug Liptruzet


Drugmaker Merck & Co. said Tuesday that it's recalling a combination cholesterol drug, wiping out the entire U.S. stock, due to packaging defects that could reduce effectiveness. More>>

Dr. Mona House Call: Physical illness related to cell phone use

On Wednesday's House Call, Dr. Mona Khanna explained how excessive use of your cell phone can affect your physical health, including diseases associated with the repetitive movement of typing and swiping. More>>

Celebrating survivors, raising breast cancer awareness: Dana Devine, Eric Miller

We mark Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October, but there is a show in Chicago that talks about breast cancer awareness year-round. Host Dana Devine and producer Eric Miller explain. More>>

Still have questions about the Affordable Care Act? Michael Mahoney can help

Michael Mahoney, Senior Vice President of Consumer Marketing at, answers your questions about the Affordable Care Act and how it applies to you, now that it has kicked in. More>>

Naperville gym hot tub reopens after Legionnaires'


A Naperville gym has reopened its hot tub, more than two months after public health officials in suburban Chicago traced an outbreak Legionnaires' disease to the whirlpool. More>>

4-time Olympic gold medalist Lenny Krayzelburg: Swimming is important for kids

Swimming is a skill children can learn year-round. Four-time Olympic gold medalist Lenny Krayzelburg explained why winter may be a great time to teach your kids an important summer skill. More>>

What to do if your baby gets the flu: Pediatrician Dr. Lindsay Uzunlar

Babies and small children are among those suffering from the flu in Illinois. NorthShore University HealthSystem pediatrician Dr. Lindsay Uzunlar explains what you should do when your baby gets sick. More>>

Largest outbreak of dangerous bacteria in U.S. tied to Ill. hospital

The largest outbreak of a very specific and very dangerous bacteria in the U.S. has been linked to procedures performed at a north suburban hospital last year. Dr. Mona Khanna weighed in Thursday. More>>

Dr. Mona House Call: How to stay safe in sub-zero temps

Dr. Mona House Call on Monday evening looks at ways to keep yourself safe during the frigid winter weather. More>>

Original Cheerios to go GMO-free


General Mills says some Cheerios made without genetically modified ingredients will start appearing on shelves soon. More>>

Reefer rules: Hashing out the details of legalized marijuana Video included


Pot shops in Colorado are reporting brisk sales for the second day of legalized the sales of marijuana for recreational use. More>>

Dr. Mona House Call: Living wills and how to approach them

The beginning of the new year is a good time to talk about a tough topic. On Thursday's House Call, Dr. Mona Khanna addressed living wills and how your family can approach this issue. More>>

Get in shape safely with tips from Athletico`s Amy Malone

Many people are hitting the gym to execute their New Year's resolutions. But it can be dangerous to do too much too fast. Athletico physical therapist Amy Malone explains. More>>

Concern over insurance tax arises with ObamaCare launch


New Year's Day marks the start of coverage under ObamaCare for millions of people -- but it also marks the start of a massive tax increase which could further inflate premiums. More>>

Dr. Mona House Call: 2013: A year in health Video included


Elected officials and celebrities gave way to many of 2013's biggest health stories. More>>

Dr. Mona House Call: Factors behind the top 3 causes of death

Losing weight is one of the top New Year's resolutions, but as you promise to get healthier in 2014, you may want to consider other less obvious risk factors as well. More>>

Healthcare law: Missing the insurance deadline

The first deadline for signing up for insurance under the Affordable Care Act has passed. Michael Mahoney of Consumer Marketing at talks about what to do if you missed the deadline. More>>

`Obamacare` takes full effect at midnight

After years of talk and months of computer problems, the heart of the Affordable Care Act will kick in at midnight tonight. But, will it work? Doug Luzader has the story from Washington. More>>

Dr. Mona House Call: Holidays can trigger, exacerbate eating disorders Video included


Holidays are known for feasting and overeating, but they can also trigger or exacerbate eating disorders - especially for those who are grieving or have suffered a loss, or are in recovery. More>>

Consumer Reports study: Most raw chicken sold at stores is contaminated


A study by Consumer Reports has found 97% of all raw chicken sold in stores is contaminated with some kind of bacteria that can make you sick. More>>

12 Days of Giving: Chicago charities give back this holiday Video included


Many of Chicago's great charities have special events and donation programs set up for the holiday season to give back to the community. More>>

Holiday Hookups: Selective Search`s Claire Wexler on relationships

Is it possible to find the perfect mate just in time for the holidays? Is this really a good time of year to try and hook up with someone? Claire Wexler from Selective Search explains. More>>

Loyola University Health System`s Dr. Dana Hayden on fecal incontinence

Fecal incontinence affects millions of Americans over age 40. Dr. Dana Hayden, a colorectal surgeon at Loyola University Health System and patient Liz Wentink spoke on this tough topic. More>>

Registered dietitian Lara Field: Eating gluten-free over the holidays

To manage specific health concerns, many choose a gluten-free diet, which can be a big problem around the holidays full of cookies, cakes and pastries. Registered dietitian Lara Field is here to help. More>>

Flexible Benefit`s John DiVito: Federal health care deadlines loom

The deadline for signing up for insurance under the Affordable Care Act is now less than a week away. But many younger people are not signing up. Flexible Benefit's John DiVito is here to help. More>>

Dr. Mona House Call: NYC kids under 5 attending public preschool, day care must get flu shots

New York City unanimously approved a mandate last week requiring kids under five years old who attend city-licensed preschools and day cares to get the flu vaccine. Dr. Mona Khanna explains. More>>

Looking to lose weight and tone up? i-lipo may be the answer

People are always looking for ways to lose weight and tone up. Britney Solte of i-lipo joined FOX 32 News at Noon to explain why it may be the answer, along with Veronica Gonza and Tina Nieres. More>>

Talking about money with your significant other: Tony Zimmer

Money matters are not the easiest subject to talk about in a relationship, whether you're married or just living together. Associated Tax Advisory Group financial expert Tony Zimmer has some advice. More>>

Teaching your teen about body image

Child therapist Denise Duval Tsioles of Child Therapy Chicago talks about how parents can teach their teens about sex and what real people look like. More>>

Dear Wives, Your Husbands Need a Girlfriend Too: Donna Bunch Coaxum

The holidays can put stress on many relationships. Donna Bunch Coaxum, author of "Dear Wives, Your Husbands Need a Girlfriend Too," explains what the problem may be and how you can fix it. More>>

FDA tells 23andMe to halt sales of genetic test Video included


The FDA has ordered Google-backed genetic test maker 23andMe to halt sales of its personalized DNA test kits, saying the company has failed to show that the technology is supported by science. More>>

White House: On track for health care website goal


The Obama administration says it will meet its self-imposed deadline of fixing the troubled health care website so that 50,000 people can log in at the same time starting Saturday. More>>

Dr. Mona House Call: Turkey tips for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is the day turkey lovers have been waiting all year for. On Wednesday's House Call, Dr. Mona Khanna explained what you need to know before you bite into that bird. More>>

Surrogates give the gift of parenthood: Zara Griswold and Staci Swiderski - Part 2

It's that time of year when everyone is giving thanks. At the top of the list? Health and family. Zara Griswold and Staci Swiderski are helping to make them with their surrogacy agency. More>>

Morning-after pill may be ineffective for overweight, obese women Video included


A French contraceptive maker said Tuesday its morning-after pill doesn't work when taken by women who weigh more than 80 kilograms (176 pounds) and plans to change its labels to warn patients. More>>

Dr. Mona House Call: Morning-after pill may be ineffective for overweight, obese women

A French contraceptive maker said Tuesday its morning-after pill doesn't work when taken by women who weigh more than 80 kilograms (176 pounds) and plans to change its labels to warn patients. More>>

Dr. Mona House Call: What is a torn meniscus? Treatment options for Rose

It is round two for Chicagoans, who say the former MVP was just warming up this season. On Monday's House Call, Dr. Mona Khanna explained what a torn meniscus is exactly and options for treatment.

Cut some calories without sacrificing taste this Thanksgiving: RD Lara Field

The average American gains 5-7 lbs. between Thanksgiving and the New Year. Registered dietitian Lara Field gave your turkey dinner a makeover to help cut some calories this year! More>>

Rob Wilson: Solutions for people dumped from health insurance plans

Millions of Americans are losing their insurance because of provisions in the Affordable Care Act. Emplyco USA President Rob Wilson, an expert in the field of insurance, shared some solutions for those affected. More>>

Dept. of Health: Don't delay, get your flu shot today

It's flu shot time and the Chicago Health Department is getting out the word by having one of the Chicago Fire soccer team at a clinic Monday. More>>

How to prepare for the cold and flu season

Dr. Kenneth Fox of NorthShore University HealthSystem joined FOX 32 at Noon to give us details on the cold and flu season. More>>

Nutritionist Lara Field helps clear up trans fat ban confusion

The FDA announced plans to ban trans fats from all foods last week. Nutritionist Lara Field helped clear up the lingering confusion over what this ban means for foods people eat every day. More>>

FOX`s Steve Noviello: Finding the right healthcare plan for you

If your employer offers healthcare coverage to you and your family, you are still more than welcome to shop the online exchange. Consumer reporter Steve Noviello explains the best choices. More>>

Relationships at risk due to tech addictions: Dr. Donalee Markus

A growing number of couples putting their relationships are risk by spending too much time on smartphones, tablets and lap tops. Learning specialist Dr. Donalee Markus explains this addiction can be detrimental.

Concern grows over owners giving human medication to pets: Dr. Barbara Royal

There are growing concerns about people giving their pain medications to their cats and dogs. Royal Treatment Veterinary Center's Dr. Barbara Royal explains the do's and don'ts – and alternatives. More>>

ABC News reporter diagnosed with breast cancer after on-air mammogram


ABC News correspondent Amy Robach says she has breast cancer, a month after she was given a mammogram on the air for a "Good Morning America" story. More>>

FDA to ban artery-clogging trans fats Video included


Heart-clogging trans fats have been slowly disappearing from grocery aisles and restaurant menus in the last decade. Now, the Food and Drug Administration is finishing the job. More>>

What you need to know about the Medicare deadline: UnitedHealthcare`s Frank Mancuso

The Affordable Care Act is not the only big insurance program with an important deadline you need to be aware of: Medicare. UnitedHealthcare regional president Frank Mancuso explains. More>>

Learning specialist Donalee Markus: How much technology is too much for kids?

A new study by Common Sense Media shows 38% of kids under two now use digital devices. Learning specialist Donalee Markus spoke on concerns that this exposure may be too much too soon. More>>

`Bullied` author, expert Carrie Goldman talks adults bullying adults

Miami Dolphin Richie Incognito was suspended for bullying teammate Jonathon Martin, who said the abuse was so bad he had to quit the team. "Bullied" author Carrie Goldman weighed in on adults bullying adults. More>>

Chicago Marathon is more than just a race for Akbar, Joe Vitaterna and Tim O'Donnell: Dr. Mona

About 45,000 runners will participate in the Chicago Marathon, but for most it's more than just a race. Dr. Mona Khanna sat down with Akbar, Joe Vitaterna and Tim O'Donnell, who survived the Boston bombing. More>>

Dr. Mona House Call: It`s important to be aware of weight

On Monday's final House Call, Dr. Mona Khanna took to the street to find out whether Chicagoans are aware of their actual weight. With two-thirds of Americans over weight or obese, it's important to know. More>>

Federal food stamp program to lose $5B, reductions begin Friday Video included


The federal food stamp program is losing $5 billion this week. A smaller food budget for thousands of Illinois families puts Chicago at the tipping point. More>>

Halloween candy test: Dietitian Lara Field on which are best and worst for you

Halloween is the biggest candy eating day of the year. Dietitian Lara Field of F.E.E.D. – Forming Early Eating Decisions – gave us the candy test: Which are the best and worst for your body? More>>

Health effects of excessive sugar consumption: Dr. Mona Video included


Halloween is the day all dentists dread as trick-or-treaters go door-to-door on an all-out candy binge. More>>

Dr. Mona House Call: Extra hour of DST sleep may be trouble

Remember to turn back your clocks one hour this weekend, for Daylight Savings Time. Most people think the extra hour of sleep is good news. Dr. Mona Khanna explains why it could be trouble. More>>

Learning specialist Dr. Donalee Markus: Why games like Candy Crush are so addictive

About 700 million games, like Candy Crush, are played every day. Learning specialist Dr. Donalee Markus explained why these games are so addictive and why so many women are playing them. More>>

Dr. Oz administers 1,000 free flu shots at Advocate Lutheran with Dr. Mona

It's that time of year, flu season. FOX 32 News has teamed up with Advocate Medical Center to give away 1,000 free flu shots on Tuesday. Dr. Oz will also be administering the vaccine – in person! More>>

Dr. Oz administers 1,000 free flu shots at Advocate Lutheran

It's that time of year, flu season. FOX 32 News has teamed up with Advocate Medical Center to give away 1,000 free flu shots on Tuesday. Dr. Oz will also be administering the vaccine – in person! More>>

Choose the right healthcare plan for your family: Consumers` Checkbook

Millions of people can now choose from multiple health care plans. Consumers' Checkbook President Robert Krughoff shares tips on choosing the right plan for your family and saving money. More>>

Prepare for a healthy week with tips from Mercury Method`s Lara Hudson

Ever use the phrase, "The diet starts Monday?" and then your healthy endeavor just falls flat? Mercury Method owner and fitness expert Lara Hudson shows how you can prepare for a healthy week! More>>

Detecting prostate cancer: Rush Medical Center`s Dr. Ajay Nehra

Each year, 30,000 men die from prostate cancer. Dr. Ajay Nehra, Men's Health director and Rush University Medical Center professor of urology, joined FOX 32 News at Noon to speak on the disease. More>>

Willis Report: Obamacare scams!


Adding insult to injury, the glitch-plagued Obamacare website is now the target of scam artists - crooks who would like to loot the bank accounts of people looking for health care coverage. More>>

Baked sweet potato fries: Rochelle Trotter fall superfood recipe


Has the kale craze reached its peak? Tired of hearing about blueberries, almonds and salmon as the superfoods for you? Rochelle Trotter has some new superfoods that are great for fall! More>>'s Michael Mahoney talks about Obamacare

Michael Mahoney, senior Vice President of talks about one way to get more clarity on the new Affordable Care Act. More>>

WHO agency: Air pollution causes cancer


What many commuters choking on smog have long suspected has finally been scientifically validated: air pollution causes lung cancer. More>>

Now is the time to get that flu shot! Walgreens` Jim Cohn weighs in

As the weather begins to turn, the chance of getting the flu starts to rise. Now is the time to get that flu shot. Walgreens representative Jim Cohn answered frequently asked questions about the shot. More>>

Kitchen health and safety tips from registered dietician Lara Field

In light of recent salmonella outbreaks and expiration date controversy, registered dietician Lara Field shared what you need to know about kitchen health and safety to keep your family safe. More>>

Study ties chemical BPA to possible miscarriage risk


New research suggests that high levels of BPA, a chemical in many plastics and canned food linings, might raise the risk of miscarriage in women prone to that problem. More>>

Loyola`s Dr. William Ashley: Dangers of concussions when it comes to kids

Some schools are banning balls and games of tag and a Lane Tech football player suffered a severe brain injury during a game. Loyola's Dr. William Ashley explains the how and why in these controversial stories. More>>

Male breast cancer is rare, but possible: Loyola surgeon Dr. Claudia Perez

Florida's Donald Mudd was denied a mammogram because of his gender. Male breast cancer is rare, but a very real possibility. Loyola Medical Center breast cancer surgeon Dr. Claudia Perez explains. More>>

NFL will allow Marshall`s green shoes, fine $5K: Alexa James, Jim Lipke present both sides

The NFL will allow Brandon Marshall to play in his green shoes - to raise mental illness awareness - but he will be fined $5,000 for the infraction. Alexa James and Jim Lipke presented both sides of the issue. More>>

Addiction specialist Dr. Dan Lustig weighs in on escalating heroin use in suburbs

Heroin related hospitalizations are up 200% in the suburbs. DuPage County has seen heroin deaths nearly double. Haymarket Center VP and addiction specialist Dr. Dan Lustig weighed in on this disturbing situation. More>>

Dr. Mona House Call: Debunking breast cancer myths

On Wednesday's House Call, Dr. Mona Khanna debunked five breast cancer myths about family history, genes skipping generations, wearing underwire bras and using deodorant or antiperspiran.  More>>

Better Business Bureau`s Steve Bernas: Don`t pay for advice about Obamacare

The new Affordable Care Act is turning in to a very rich environment for criminals out to rip people off. The Better Business Bureau's Steve Bernas explained how scammers are trying to charge you for advice. More>>

Yummy Mummy Cheese Fingers: Healthy Halloween snacks from Rochelle Trotter


Halloween is the time of year when we can expect our kids to be "buzzing," due to the amount of candy they get from Trick-or-Treating. Rochelle Trotter has fun, healthy, inexpensive treats you can make too! More>>

Donate: As Chicago violence escalates, so does hospitals` need for blood

As violent crimes in Chicago near the tipping point, many people feel helpless just standing by the sidelines. But there is a way to help victims of violence available to nearly everyone: Donate blood. More>>

FOX` Steve Noviello: Check before you donate during Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and many people tend to think pink this time of year. But before you donate, FOX's Steve Noviello and the Better Business Bureau want you to take a closer look. More>>

Tom Hanks admits having Type II Diabetes, Dr. Mona explains why so serious

Tom Hanks admitted on "Late Show with David Letterman" that he has Type II Diabetes. He tried to ease the news by making light of it, but Dr. Mona Khanna explained why the condition is very serious. More>>

Flu shot debate: Should you get the vaccine?

With flu season nearing, Medical Contributor Dr. Mona Khanna answers questions and de-bunks myths about the influenza vaccine. More>>

Dr. Mona House Call: Are you hauling around too much stuff?

If you walk up and down Michigan Avenue, you will see people carrying large bags and backpacks jammed with stuff. Dr. Mona hit the streets to see just how much stuff people are hauling around. More>>

Birth control after baby: Dr. Nichole Butler

It's time for a house call from one of our local doctors in Chicago. We're talking to Dr. Nichole Butler about birth control after babies and postpartum depression. More>>

Debunking flu shot myths and misconceptions: Dr. Mona

Dr. Mona Khanna joined Good Day on Monday to debunk some of the most common myths and misconceptions about the flu shot. More>>

Dr. Mona House Call: Midlife stress, walk to reduce breast cancer

We know a lot of you women out there feel stressed. Dr. Mona joined Good Day to tell us why we should take a deep breath, and relax. More>>

Making the world`s best nutrient-rich smoothies with author John Jarosky

Juicing and smoothies can be a great way to take in nutrients. "Five of the World's Healthiest Smoothies: Five Smoothies to Energize Your Mind, Body & Soul" author John Jarosky shows why! More>>

Reproductive endocrinologist Dr. Barbara Soltes: Why aneurisms affect women more than men

Did you know aneurisms affect women more than men? Rush Medical Center reproductive endocrinologist Dr. Barbara Soltes explained what aneurisms are and why women suffer from them more.   More>>

Seattle Sutton registered dietitian Rene Ficek: Easy transitions to a meatless diet

Cutting back on meat on your diet can have a long list of health benefits, but it can also be very hard to do. Seattle Sutton registered dietitian Rene Ficek shares how some tasty meatless diets can help. More>>

Prep for the big race with a natural alternative to sports drinks: Rochelle Trotter


Veteran marathon runner Rochelle Trotter explained what you should be eating and drinking while you prepare for a big race. She also shared a recipe for a natural alternative to sports drinks. More>>

Willis Report: Understanding Obamacare costs


The success of Obamacare and the health exchanges that opened this week hinges on one thing: Whether or not the 57 million young people under the age of 65 participate.

Pack a healthy, delicious lunch for your kids with Chef Ryan Poli, Pilot`s John Hammel

Pilot Light is a nonprofit working to incorporate culinary education and nutrition into public school curriculum. Chef Ryan Poli and John Hammel explain how parents can pack a delicious and healthy lunch for their kids. More>>

Blueair President Herman Pihltrad: Tips to ease your seasonal allergy suffering

Fall may be a beautiful season, but it's also when seasonal allergies can kick in and make life miserable for you or your family. Blueair president Herman Pihlträd shares tips to ease your suffering. More>>

New mothers going back to work after childbirth earlier than ever before Video included


New moms are going back to work earlier than ever before. The number one reason? Money. More>>

Warning signs for stroke and brain aneurysm: Neurosurgeon Dr. William Ashley

Loyola Medical Center neurosurgeon Dr. William Ashley discussed warning signs and lasting effects of strokes, what a brain aneurysm is and why pregnant women should stay away from toxoplasmosis. More>>

Beat cancer with one-on-one counseling at Imerman Angels: Survivor Hector Nunez

When people hear the word "cancer," they tend to think the worst. But cancer survivor Hector Nunez shared how one-on-one counseling through Imerman Angels helps patients beat the disease! More>>

Dr. Mona House Call: How a heart attack really affects your sex life

On Wednesday's final House Call, Dr. Mona Khanna discussed whether having a heart attack means your sex life is over. It's a topic that affects more people than you might think! More>>

Photo of pregnant weightlifter sparks heated debate


The caption on Lea-Ann Ellison's photo says it all: "8 months pregnant with baby number 3." More>>

Dr. Mona House Call: How much is too much exercise for pregnant women?

Body builder Lee Ann Ellison is nearly nine months pregnant with her third baby, and has posted pictures of her weight-lifting routine online. Dr. Mona Khanna addressed the surrounding controversy. More>>

Taking the SNAP Challenge: Eating healthy on $4.50 a day

The average person on the food stamps program gets $4.50 a day to eat. Nutritionist Lara Field explained just how hard it is to put together a healthy meal with that amount of money. More>>

Expiration dates only for taste - definitely still edible


The expiration dates you see on a lot of foods may not mean what you think. More>>

Dr. Mona House Call: Why France is banning girls under 16 from pageants

On Wednesday's final House Call, Dr. Mona Khanna discussed how lawmakers in France are considering a law to ban girls under age 16 from beauty pageants and what's behind the new law. More>>

Lose weight and gain strength with The Boot Camp Guy, Chris Brown

If you are trying to lose weight and shape up, but never seem to reach your goals, you might be taking the wrong approach. Chris Brown, The Boot Camp Guy, shares a new way to slim down and get strong! More>>

Vintage designer pieces on sale to benefit Lurie Children`s Hospital

Vintage designer finds for a great cause? Yes! The Lurie Children's Hospital Founder's Board is hosting a fashion event at the 900 North Michigan Shops, where you can purchase designer items to help the kids.

Chicago cardiologist Dr. Marlon Everette: Caring for your heart

Chicago cardiologist Dr. Marlon Everette joined FOX 32 News to talk about your heart, the serious problems that can occur and how to prevent them from happening. More>>

Dr. Mona House Call: A simple solution for losing weight, drink more water

On Monday's final House Call, Dr. Mona Khanna discussed one simple solution to losing weight and First Lady Michelle Obama's new campaign for America to drink more water. More>>

New blood test predicts heart attack risk Video included


If your doctor could tell you when you were going to have a heart attack, would you want to know? More>>

Men with smaller testicles more nurturing with kids: Study


Contrary to popular opinion, bigger may not always be better. More>>

Prep for your marathon the healthy way with Factor 75!

September and October are huge for marathons in Chicago. Running a good race can depend on many things, including eating right! Factor 75 CEO and former MMA fighter Nick Wernimont explains. More>>

Registered dietitian Lara Field: There is no quick fix to lose weight

At one time or another most people have gone on a diet. For most, it probably ends in failure. Registered dietitian Lara Field explained why there is no quick fix to lose weight. It takes time and work. More>>

Dr. Mona House Call: How to help your child through night terrors

On Wednesday's House Call, Dr. Mona Khanna explained the best way to deal with a problem more prevalent among parents than one would think - night terrors. More>>

Feds won't sue to stop marijuana use in 2 states


Despite 75 years of federal marijuana prohibition, the Justice Department said Thursday that states can let people use the drug, license people to grow it and even allow adults to buy it in stores. More>>

Vapiano offers a new restaurant concept to Loop diners

A new restaurant in Loop is giving you a taste of the Mediterranean. Vapiano's concept is different, the dishes are fresh and the price is delicious. Chef Andrey Robinson explains. More>>

Ask the Expert: Northwestern University OBGYN Javier E. Fajardo

On this week's Ask the Expert, Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine OBGYN Javier E. Fajardo answered your questions about birth control and other women's health issues. More>>

Dr. Mona House Call: Sugar and your sex life, dangers of diet soda

On Monday's House Call, Dr. Mona Khanna addressed research that sugar can be toxic to our sex lives. She also spoke on how bad diet soda is for us and Coca Cola's campaign to dispel that notion. More>>

Prasino chef Jared Chase on organic food: Can you taste the difference?

More people are choosing to eat food produced without chemicals or hormones – organic food. But can you taste the difference? Prasino chef Jared Case put OFX 32's taste buds to the test. More>>

Start with a healthy breakfast: Going gluten-free with Jessica Marie

New labels for gluten-free food will help those with Celiac disease and bring some uniformity to the $4 billion product market. Certified health coach Jessica Marie (@JessMarieHealth) explains. More>>

Food you should eat to help fall asleep: RD Dawn Jackson Blatner


If you're one of the 40 million Americans suffering from sleep disorders, what you eat could be keeping you up at night. Registered Dietitian Dawn Jackson Blatner explains what food will help you sleep. More>>

Nutritionist and fitness chef Ashley Pettit launches Sante Wellness Market

We're all looking for new ways to improve our health and fitness. Nutritionist and fitness chef Ashley Pettit is launching Sante Wellness Market, your one-stop-shop for learning how to live your best. More>>

`Glow` fertility app pays you if you don`t get pregnant


Can't get pregnant? There's an app to help you -- and also help pay for your fertility treatments. More>>

Drinking hot chocolate may help keep brain healthy, study finds


Want to ward off dementia later in life? Chocolate may be the answer. More>>

Dr. Mona House Call: Nutrition facts of fruit squeezers

On Wednesday's House Call, Dr. Mona Khanna breaks down what you're actually feeding your children when you give them fruit squeezers. More>>

First medical marijuana clinic in Illinois opens in Wicker Park: Tammy Jacobi

The first medical marijuana clinic in the city and the state opens in Wicker Park on Wednesday. Good Intentions president and registered nurse Tammy Jacobi explained what the change means for patients. More>>

Dr. Mona House Call: Symptoms of cardiovascular disease in men vs. women

Cardiovascular disease is the number one killer in America. On Wednesday's House Call, Dr. Mona Khanna addressed important differences in heart disease symptoms for men and women. More>>

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